About Us

Since our founding in 1996, we've raised more than five hundred thousand dollars in unrestricted funds for Center in the Square through a variety of events. We're proud of the difference we make and we feel you'll have a hard time finding a group that has a better time doing good deeds than The Square Society! We are a young-minded, fun, diverse and energetic group who are united only in our unconditional support of cultural arts, sciences and economic development.

2016 Board of Directors

Executive Committees:

President:  Bryan Soukup

Vice President:  Stephanie Long

Secretary: Stephanie Long

Finance Chair:  William Long


Activities Chairs:  Betsy Burton & Elisabeth Beamer

Bar/Cocktail Crawl Chair:  Mike Guntlow

5K Run Chair:  Kristin Hunt

Black & White Ball Chairs: Tammy Fitzgerald & Brian Campbell

Center Representative:  Mike Guntlow

Membership Chairs:  Steve Brandtner & Chip Hairston

Marketing Chair:  Maygon Sowder

PR Chair: Barry Wirt, Jr.

Graphics Chair: Trevor McKinley

Volunteer Coordinator: